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Mario Kalaji, lives in Norway, island Husoy. Greek-Syrian origin. Don't have nothing to do with him! a man without conscience and honor, begins acquaintance with a grandiose lie. Lovelace, invites women from different countries for sex, lies to them about his age, wealth, success. in 2023 he is almost 60 years old, date of birth 3.12.1964. he is disabled, lives on a pension and meager earnings from the sale of his paintings. You will waste your money and time and end up with nothing. promises to pay for the road and expenses, but does not do this or does it partially, blocks.
Good luck with that asshole! his phone +4796976026 email mario.kalaji@icloud.com


This is true, I really lied about what I wrote in my information on the dating site, but when she asked me about my age, I answered her the truth, and I hosted her in my house for more than a week without touching her, and I paid all the costs of her food and transportation, but after I drove her to the airport and returned to my house I discovered that she had stolen an iPhone 8 mobile phone and some $500 from my house, and I did not talk about this because I know that she is poor and is looking for someone to pay her the costs of her life, but after she spoke about me in this bad way, I will report her to the police

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